Total dollars raised for cancer research since 2009 $3,438,157 (so far)

Interviews & Videos


Well I finally got a long overdue project finished for Michael Geilen and presented him his second brand new trike, this one a thousand times better than the temp one we bought him a while back and it’s all thank to amazing money that was donated.I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting this project, I really can’t thank you enough. Michael was blown away and truly appreciates the support he’s getting.Enjoy the video and if you want you can send a message to Michael direct via

City Lights – Riders for Ryders

How do you measure success? $487,000 raised for the 2012 Ride to Conquer Cancer and BC Cancer Foundation I think sums it up. Thank You all for making it a huge success.

Will You Ride With Us in 2013?






A letter to CANCER

This is a project born from Dave Cannells letter he wrote to cancer that so far has had 3300 views and was shown during camp night 2012.

   A story with cue cards

   A video project that Jimi produced for the 2011 ride.



   Short cameo by Jimi on a Little Story by CTV

   Jimi CTV Interview

Short interview Jimi did with CTV for the 2010 ride

Three Men, One Cause

Camp Speech June 19th 2010 at the Ride to Conquer Cancer

In 2010 during camp night Jimi was honored to be asked to be a key speaker for the evening. Here’s what happened.



Khare Communications

   Interview by Khare Communications

Jimi has had the pleasure of working with lots of media and video producers and Sharad Khare from Khare communications is by far       one of the best and most energetic and positive people he’s has the good fortune to call a friend.

Rider to Conquer Cancer

  Ride to Conquer Cancer Ad in 2010


Nat and Drew Ad Agency

    Nat & Drews Ad Agency

For Riders for Ryders big fundraising event Jimi was lucky enough to have a little help from Nat and Drew at Virgin Radio.

BC Children's Hospital

   2010 BC Radiothon at BC Childrens Hospital

For the past two years Jimi has volunteered for the BC Radiothon at BC Children’s Hospital, this is a interview during 2010.

 Gerry O’Day

 AM 650 interview with Gerry O’Day

Another short radio interview with the charismatic Jerry O’Day from AM650.