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Streetwise Cycling Course

Need to learn or boost your street cycling skills?

Streetwise Cycling Courses allow anyone to gain the skills and confidence needed to enjoy riding in the city.Click here for full details and to book your course.

Duration: Four and a half hours
Cost: $45 members / $50 non-members

Note: All Streetwise cycling courses in Vancouver are only $20 thanks to generous support from City of Vancouver!

This fun, practical and hands-on course is for anyone who’d like to be more comfortable riding in traffic. Through classroom and on-road training you’ll learn about the safest place on the road to ride, how to maneuver your bike effectively, communicate with other road users, handle riding at night and in the rain, and more. You’ll gain the skills & confidence you need to enjoy riding in the city! Courses are suitable for those 16 & up.

Cycling is fun, practical and convenient for many urban trips, but many people never learned how to ride on the road, how to communicate with cars, what to wear to be safe and seen, and how to maintain their bicycle. Learn how!


HUB instructors arenationally-certified bike-safety instructors. Our instructors have years of experience teaching bike safety, both on and off the road. We also maintain a strict 1:6 instructor-to-participant ratio to ensure you stay safe on the road.

What have past participants said about the course?

“I’m starting to commute to school downtown, and I love it so far. Thanks so much for the class. I’m using the knowledge from that class every day.” – Annie Dickerson

“Growing up in Vancouver, I always admired my city’s legions of two-wheeling environmentalists and healthy lifestylers, but I assumed I could never do what they did. Now bike riding has become part of my life and I love it.” –Alana Prochuk, The Globe & Mail