Total dollars raised for cancer research since 2009 $3,045,722 (so far)

Andrew Smith

Andrew SmithHi, my name is Andrew Smith. I am a 26 year old construction worker from Newcastle, England. I only moved to Vancouver in the summer of 2011. Living in this amazing city has been a dream of mine since first visiting family here 15 years ago. Cycling is a big passion of mine so as soon as I heard about the ride and researched the event from previous years I signed up without hesitation. In my school years I participated in a few 200k+ bike rides but never as part of a charity event. To be honest, the fundraising part scares the hell out of me as I have never done any fundraising on this scale before. My inspiration to take part in this ride does not come from a personal tragedy or battle with cancer, where it does come from is the thought of being able to help conquer cancer, hopefully in my lifetime, so that others don’t have to suffer in the future.