Total dollars raised for cancer research since 2009 $3,045,722 (so far)

Edie Dullaghan

Edie DullaghanI am married with a daughter and two step-sons Jeffrey and Phillip who lost their beautiful mother at the age of 42 to inflammatory breast cancer. She wished with all her might that she could see them graduate high-school and instead I was the one that got to share this event with them. I sort of believe Suzanne chose me to enter these young boys lives, she knew I would love them as my own! I am a runner, running half and full marathons (a mix of 4-6 races a year). I used to mountain bike and recently a bike list I used to be on was used to send out an invitation to do the ride to conquer cancer. I have never owned a road bike but actually rode to Harrison Hot Springs for charity on a mountain bike and loved the whole experience. So I signed on the dotted line and look forward to training with our team.

On a daily basis I work at the other end of the fight against cancer, the research end. At the Centre for Drug Research and Development (CDRD) we work on many varied new therapeutics and with regards to cancer our centre is working to make chemotherapeutic drugs that target the tumor and leave healthy tissue alone. Day after day we meet with researchers to hear how the battle is going. Some of the news is promising and some just isn’t. What I am convinced about though is that research matters in this fight. I have seen where research dollars go. Not a penny is wasted and every researcher I know attends to the task with passion. Doing the ride to conquer cancer is one more way (big way) to keep the money flowing to the people who are working on the answers!