Total dollars raised for cancer research since 2009 $3,004,461 (so far)

Jim Campbell

Jim CampbellHi, I am Jim Campbell. I’m a semi-retired energy auditor helping builders and architects design/build better and more efficient homes.

I decided to enter the ride for selfish reasons; I just took up road biking after 20 years of mountain biking. Addiction soon followed. Then, after the Ride Orientation and some thought, I realized this year alone I’ve lost 2 friends: one a 34-year-old father of 2, and another a delightful 48-year-old single lady. My uncle is dying from prostate cancer, and I lost both my parents-in-law to cancer. About then a light bulb went on and I passed from selfish reasons to realizing that I could indeed at least try to help make a difference. Our fearless leader Jimi and his awful experience of losing his son is but another valid reason to help out. I like to think that I will make a difference with my help in this endeavour. If I can do that, then that’s a good start…I think this might be the beginning of many years of volunteerism and fund’s extremely rewarding and puts some control back in our hands. Not all, but some.

By the time I ride I’ll be 65 (I blame the government), and the more I get ready the more excited I become. I can’t wait to do this and count the piles of money our team will raise! This whole experience makes me feel years younger and has given me a newfound reason to get involved. As many my generation used to say with great validity: “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem”. There’s no doubt that we are, as Riders for Ryders, the solution with a real vengeance.