Total dollars raised for cancer research since 2009 $3,045,722 (so far)

Jimi Brockett – Captain

Jimi BrockettLosing a loved one to any disease is a devastating ordeal, and when that loved one is a child of your own, it’s even worse. I lost my son Ryder just before his 6th birthday after beating this disease only for it to return 11 months later and I knew right then it would change my life forever and be the hardest thing I would ever have to go endure. Loosing a child is not something you get over or heal from. It is with you for the rest of your life. What you do have to do is figure out how to deal with the knowledge that you have, and what to do with it.

Ryder was simply an amazing little boy. From day one he only ever wanted to have fun and push the boundaries both mentally and physically. He fought this disease with an amazing determination which I learnt from and made me realize what true will power and strength really is. He showed me that we have one shot on this earth and if you?re not having fun while you?re here, then what?s the point?

So when people ask me why I ride I tell them simply, so I don?t have to ride in the future. So that with the money we raise by riding we can research and discover the cure for this terrible disease. So that people like me don?t have to go through what I went through, so children like Ryder do not have to suffer as a result of this disease.

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