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Tip Of The Day! from our friends at velofix

The weather is getting nicer and we are finally moving into the spring here in the Lower Mainland. For many, this means that being on a bicycle will become a daily activity. Below we share some common Cycle Safety Tips to help you stay safe & enjoy the summer months!

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Safety Tip #1: Pre-Ride Inspection

Before heading out on the road you should give your bike an inspection to e­­­­­nsure the safety of you and others on the road. Keep an eye out for:

–    Proper Tire Pressure
–    Brake pad inspection / brakes not dragging
–    Brake levers working
–    Damage to the frame or integral components
–    Lacerations or bulges on tire
–    Appropriately tightened quick releases
–    No big knocks or “play” i.e. loose headset/bars/saddle

Safety Tip #2: Sidewalks are Dangerous

Unless otherwise posted, you are not allowed to cycle on sidewalks in the Lower Mainland. Keep your bike on the road and follow the rules of the road to stay safe out there!

Safety Tip #3: Sticking to the Right

Cyclists on the road need to obey all the same traffic laws as cars. It is recommended that you stay in the right lane and find a position on the road that is a safe distance from the curb & any parked vehicles. If it makes you feel safer, take up the whole lane and respect the flow of traffic! Make sure you are visible & using signals to make your movements known to traffic around you.

Safety Tip #4: Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact with other vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists is a must, especially at intersections where you need to rely on visibility to stay safe! These rules apply in every situation, even away from the city.

Example: When descending down Cypress, keep your eyes on the road! (Not your Garmin!!)

Safety Tip #5: Signals

On a bicycle you are burdened by not having a turn signal, or brake lights! When riding in a group, or commuting in the streets, you should familiarize yourself with a few simple gestures that signal others as to your movements.

Just to name a few:

–    Turning Right: Right arm extended out, or left arm at a 90 degree angle facing up
–    Turning Left: Left arm extended out, or right arm at a 90 degree angle facing up
–    Stopping: either arm at a 90 degree angle down, or directly behind the small of your back
–    Vocal signals: riders may say “car back”(meaning cars behind the group) or “car up” (cars ahead of the group)

In a group ride there are various other hand signals that assist in signaling hazards and other group actions you should familiarize yourself with.

Example: Signaling and pointing out obstacles on the road. The riders at the front generally do this first. Riders should point to the obstacle and announce it.

Safety Tip #6: Extra Care when Wet

Riding in the rain can be a hazardous venture; extra care should be given during turns & other normal actions as the traction between tire and road is reduced. Extra care is the rule of the day! Learn the limits of your setup; tires, brakes etc. will effect how well your bike handles.

Example: Lower your tire pressure on wet days to improve cornering and braking

Safety Tip #7: Regular Maintenance!

Keeping your bike well maintained and ready for the road is a must! Be sure to have your bike checked regularly to avoid any problems on the road.

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