Total dollars raised for cancer research since 2009 $3,438,157 (so far)

What’s in a Name?

Ryder Evans Brockett
27/10/2003 – 08/10/2009
Ryder James Hari Kartar Khalsa Naismith
17/08/2008 – 02/05/2010

Recently I was asked why the team in the Ride to Conquer Cancer is called Riders for Ryders and not Riders for Ryder.

The S stands for a few things.

In 2010 I was contacted by a Qurban Khalsa who wanted to join the team. His son by chance called Ryder and in BC Children’s Hospital going through treatment to try and beat cancer. Three months before the 2010 ride, Qurban’s Ryder died, he was 2 years old. The team became Riders for Ryders to honor both Ryders.

Since then I’ve realized the ‘S’ not only represents Qurban’s son Ryder but for everyone who has had to endure this disease. It’s for those that fought the fight and died, for those who are fighting the fight and winning and for those that have fought the fight and won.

Everything I do is for the S’s in this world, to try and make it so that the Ryders in the world, the mothers, fathers, brothers, sister, aunts, and uncles don’t have to ever deal with this devastating disease.

So that one day when we talk about this disease, we talk about it as a thing of the past and not the present.

In Ryders name I say:- “We Can, and We Will”

Author Jimi Brockett