About RFR


So where did Riders for Ryders come from?

Well since the inaugural event in 2009 a passion was ignited in so many people and many teams formed. Sharpeys Cycles (now Riders for Ryders) was one of them who in 2010 merged with 3 remaining team members of The Mad Eh Team. We know where we’re going but we thought it was important for you all to know where we came from.

Sharpey’s Cycles & The Mad Eh Team joined forces for the 2010 ride where Jimi had already renamed the team Riders for Ryder in honor of his son. However early in 2010 Jimi was contacted by Qurban who’s son was also called Ryder and the name was changed once more time to Riders for Ryders but here’s is a bit of history of those first two teams.


The team was formed to support Jimi and his son Ryder, “by far the strongest and most determined young boy I have ever known and will probably ever know”, as Jimi says! On May 26, 2008, at the age of 4 1/2, Ryder Evans-Brockett, was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. The next 8 months were the toughest of their lives and Ryder proved himself to be the toughest little boy ever.

This next journey started with a cold call Jimi received from a lady who had no idea of what the family had gone through, that worked for BC Cancer Foundation asking if he would be interested in having the bike shop be a retailer for the Ride to Conquer Cancer (something he had not heard of). Because of his relationship with this terrible disease it got him thinking that maybe he should be taking part a bit more that just being a retailer and that he should actually do the ride himself. For a long 8 months his family was on the receiving end of so much help and support which was overwhelming, and he felt the need to give back!! Jimi likes to ride his bike but he had never ridden road before and the Ride to Conquer Cancer is a 250/300km ride over two days from Vancouver to Seattle. It was a huge challenge especially since he really doesn’t like road riding, in fact it is close to his worst nightmare. But he knew he had to do it for so many reasons, remembering all the while that it was not about him. Thirteen other brave souls joined Jimi for the inaugural ride in 2009, raising $60,200. It was a tremendous success.

Ryder passed away 17 months after initially being diagnosed with brain cancer and almost a year after surviving brain cancer for it only to return and claim his life.


In August 2008, Co-Captain, Jeremy Brand’s daughter, Madelaine (Maddy), who was 11 at the time discovered a small lump in her throat; something which everyone assumed was a cyst. In September, it was diagnosed to be thyroid cancer,…..something vary rare for someone her age. In November, her thyroid was removed, in January 2009, she received radiation for 17 lymph nodes which were affected, and in February tests showed that the treatment was a success. Maddy of course is now required to take thyroid medication for the rest of her life, and subsequent tests have all shown that the treatment was a success.

Through it all, both Maddy and her parents showed remarkable strength, and courage which wasn’t a surprise. But it was something everyone wished  didn’t have to be endured. As a result Jeremy and his Dad (Pat) felt a very strong need to support the fight to eradicate this insidious disease. And so they, along with 5 others formed the “Mad Eh Team”, and successfully completed the 260 km, two day adventure. It was a truly amazing experience, especially since most of the team were rookie riders. Their efforts raised over $18,000.

In 2010 there were only three team members remaining from team team of 7, they decided to join forces with Jimi,……and here we are today. But the spirit of the Mad Eh Team lives on!!!!!

Since 2009 the team and grown to beyond Jimi’s expectations. In 2012 185 team members rode and the team raised $487,900 for BC Cancer Foundation for a 4 year total of just under $900,000